Our Salon is located in Richmond VA. Mention that you found us on and receive 10% off your total service! Please be open to future appointments as same day services are fit in on an individual bases determined by the stylist reservation book. We look forward to serving you at the best Salon in the Fan.

Call and reserve your appointment today! Ask for Sterling by name!

(804) 251-0469 Or book online here.


 Servicing Clients in – Richmond VA, The Fan, VCU, Downtown, Shockoe Bottom, Churchill.

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  1. Hi, I guess I was wondering how comfortable you are with long, wavy hair. I am absolutely terrified of hairstylists. I’ve never had a good experience, and most of the time they cut way more off than I ask for. I’ve finally grown my hair out to where it’s long (Here is a picture from a couple months ago. It’s a little longer than this: ), and I don’t want to lose length. I really just want to layer it some. My hair starts getting sort of poofy at the bottom and flat on top when it’s long but not layered.

    I will say one of the reasons I’m interested in seeing you is because there is a groupon coupon for a haircut from your salon. I’ve heard stories about how badly some places treat customers who use those kinds of coupons.

    I’m not saying all of this to judge your salon, as I don’t know anything about you! I am more saying this because out of all the places I could go (some of which don’t have great reviews), I would prefer to consider coming to you. But I want to know how you’d feel about working with my hair and my coupon!

    Thank you,

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